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Erosion & Sediment Control


Our talented design team provides thoughtfully designed and compliant erosion and sediment control plans.   Maryland requires that erosion and sediment controls be designed with respect to the SWM plan, so our designers take an integrated approach.  While designing to effectively control sediment runoff and obtain agency approvals, we always keep focus on project constructability. 


Our design experience includes City, County, SHA PRD and State agencies, so we are familiar with navigating local soil conservation districts reviews as well as the state’s MDE review process. 


CDG regularly prepares plans for site and facility construction as well as small and large linear transportation projects and bridge replacement projects.   Often these projects require complex multi-stage E&S  and maintenance of stream flow (MOSF) design for streams as well as storm drain systems. Many of these plans and must be compatible with staged traffic control plans. 

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